Tomorrow, Internet researcher and “Crowdsource the Truth” partner George Webb (Sweigert) will be in Zanesville (OH) Municipal Court tomorrow morning to face a pre-trial hearing concerning his June arrest for DUI.

George Webb Sweigert
George Webb Sweigert

Webb has been running a series of videos on YouTube where he has been investigation a variety of connections between the US government and corporations like DynCorp and Palantir as well apparent pay-to-play arrangements with the Clinton Foundation. Recently he has gained new audiences after the arrest of Imran Awan, an IT specialist for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and part of a larger group that was regularly used as “shared employees” throughout Democratic House offices. I covered the Awans here.

Webb made the national news back in June when he was on the trail of suspected radioactive shipments that he and others believed were being brought into the Port of Charleston. Jason Goodman, of Crowdsource the Truth, called the FBI to report Webb’s suspicions of a possible “dirty bomb.” The US Coast Guard shut down the Port and secured the Maersk Memphis, the suspected ship. Nothing has been reported as found, and the ship was cleared.

In the meantime, Webb was known to be calling from Ohio. The FBI located him, and he was arrested in his car for suspicion of DUI. While in custody, Webb was reportedly questioned by the FBI about the “dirty bomb” tip.

Tomorrow’s hearing is a pre-trial hearing concerning the DUI charge, but Webb seems to looking to bring all the evidence back in, including his sources for the suspected bomb. The hearing will be public, and Webb has asked for moral support to show up.

It should be interesting.

UPDATE: Pre-trial hearing over. Still reviewing the events. But Webb is not incarcerated and Goodman has come to Ohio in support. Webb also reports that former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich called him to offer support last night.

FINAL UPDATE: According to court docs, charges were dropped at the request of prosecution.

EDIT: Added the fact that Goodman was the caller, not Webb.


  1. You got most of it right but George did not call the port. Someone else did who lives in Charleston and another unknown person. Jason Goodman of Crowd Source the Truth also called while on air but was told they already knew about it. George had been questioned by the alphabet agencies via phone several hours before the arrest. FBI agent Whitaker from Charleston had called the police in Zanesville and had them ping George’s phone and find him. They trumped up a reason to arrest him. He was sleeping in his car and the arrest was not for DUI. The judge said it is not illegal to sleep in your car. This was all so the FBI could show up in Zanesville and question George about the port. They wanted to know who tipped him off about the depleted uranium on the ship. The ship was not cleared. The report has not been released yet although a FOIA has been sent by a crowd source concerned citizen investigator.

  2. Why would you put out a report with the lie that George was arrested for a DUI in June? I am so sick of this fake news garbage!

  3. George! You have done a phenomenal job! You are so close but I worry that you may need legal help. Why don’t you contact Jay Sekulow? I’m so worried that you’re work will be for naught and those criminals may get off again.


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