In an official release yesterday, Google announced Jigsaw’s Redirect Method on YouTube. The code was developed by Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas), founded by Eric Schmidt and run by Council on Foreign Relations Adjunct Senior Fellow Jared Cohen. The project was completed with help from Moonshot CVE, a company founded by King’s College grad and terrorism expert, Ross Frenett and migration analyst and Oxford grad Vidhya Ramalingam.

The stated use is to replace videos featuring “violent extremist propaganda” with curated videos that “confronts extremist messages and debunks its mythology.”

While the “obvious” intent is to limit the recruiting abilities of ISIS, al Qaeda, and other well-known groups, the question has to be asked, “Where does the line get drawn?”

Does the Ku Klux Klan and Stormfront deserve to have their videos re-directed? How about “Black Lives Matter?” Which views will Schmidt and Cohen permit and which will be prohibited?

This announcement also comes as Congress is considering language criminalizing support of sanctions against Israel.


Bringing new Redirect Method to YouTube

43 Senators Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Boycott Israeli Settlements



  1. The plan behind the plan is to protect giant corporations and their CEOs from criticism and accountability. The plan is to protect Monsanto, the wireless industry, Microsoft, Dow Chemical, big oil, big agriculture, big pharma, the health care insurance corporations, the bankers, the Wall Street thugs, and all the others that are robbing and killing middle class and poor Americans. Stop giving giant corporation money.. Don’t buy anything. Kill them back.


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