LA Times and Business Insider are talking this week about the “North Korean threat” and how to survive a nuclear war.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency put out a one-page “How to”(PDF) for surviving a nuclear strike, presumably from Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans.

Nuclear Blast survival guide - HEMA
Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

This is of course very reminiscent of prepared turtles of our youth.

It also brings to mind Gov. Sam Brownback preparing Kansas for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Gov. Brownback and Zombie Preparedness Week
Gov. Brownback and Zombie Preparedness Week


Hawaii just released a guide for how to survive a nuclear attack amid high tensions with North Korea

Duck and cover 2.0: How North Korea is prompting new efforts to prepare for a nuclear attack

Gov. Sam Brownback says Zombie Preparedness Month starts soon in Kansas

Duck and Cover –

REINVENTING CIVIL DEFENSE – Stevens Institute of Technology



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