On Monday, in the midst of the disasters befalling Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, Linda Sarsour, one of the Women’s MArch on Washington organizers, tweeted the following:

Screencapped for posterity:

Linda Sarsour tweet - screencap
Linda Sarsour tweet – screencap

If one clicks the link, they arrive at this page, talking about Harvey and its impacts:

NGP VAN page - Harvey relief
NGP VAN page – Harvey relief

So right away we see where we can donate our much-needed funds….

Here’s the trouble….

NGP VAN is not a relief organization, it’s a technology company employed by the Democratic Party for a variety of uses, not least among them being fundraising for campaigns.

NGP VAN - Wikipedia
NGP VAN – Wikipedia

Here are their products:

NGP VAN Wikipedia
NGP VAN Wikipedia

So not only do they fundraise….they build voter databases, do mobile canvassing, plus a WIDE variety of other third-party data-driven apps.

Be careful where you send your money. Most of it will never make to the folks you intended to help.


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