Nazis are evil.

I know, not very controversial. But that’s the point, as the patient reader will soon see.


The author of this piece is a white male in his mid-40s who has spent his life in a small Mid-Atlantic state wedged in between the East Coast metropolises.

The author is anti-violence, but supports self-defense using only as much force as necessary to drive off or subdue an attacker.

The author can be described as a “leftist.” He is anti-corporatism, a proponent of living wages, does not support either of the two major political parties (nor the false duopoly in general), anti-GMO/pro-organic, pro-choice, supports a progressive tax system, pro-public school/anti-voucher, and one day hopes people can get beyond the need to compete and instead begin to work together for a better world.

The author also holds some non-standard views. Despite arguments to the contrary, he is not anti-gun. He does withhold the right to determine whether a gun can be brought into his living space, as should be his right as an American. He does protest when guns are openly carried in an attempt to intimidate, such as bringing rifles or shotguns to a town meeting when contentious issues are being discussed.

The author does not trust his government. He does not see government as necessarily evil, but believes the US government is not a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” He believes the current governmental structure is designed to protect the wealthy, old industrial and banking families, and to keep the populace sedate and divided. He also believes the government can be reformed into a buffer and can be used to reign in the runaway disparity in this nation.

The author is also not a “coincidence theorist,” as will become clear. Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern. Or as Ian Fleming put it, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”


What Really Happened in Charlottesville

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. This headline has screamed out at me from every would-be pundit, every media hack with a desperate need to get noticed, and nearly every post on Facebook. Instead, I intend to dig into what didn’t happen in Charlottesville and what is happening outside of that stage.

This was a planned event

How do we know that? First, it’s August, but that’s for another piece. But second, the chatter before this event was different. Different enough that it caught my attention.

The more extreme members of the “right wing” of American politics have been attempting to make waves for a while now. Pamela Geller touched off the current wave, in a way, when she held her event showcasing cartoons about Muhammad, a very tender issue in many parts of the world. At this event, two would-be “gunmen” arrived to cause chaos and death we are to presume, but thankfully were taken out (read: killed) before any damage could be done.

Jon Ritzheimer attempted to follow suit in Arizona, but his efforts were met with much resistance and he left in tears, claiming his life was being threatened. He went into hiding for a time, only sticking his head out to cry to any media that would listen.

There was the fake Janesville, WI “Bikers for Trump” rally, there was an amazing lack of trucks encircling the White House, and I’m sure a few other events that fell so flat I never even noticed them.

It is to be noted that Ritzheimer appeared again in Oregon during the Malheur Standoff. He attempted to make himself out to be media and screamed that his First Amendment rights were being violated, when he was known already to be affiliated with the occupiers. Malheur stands out as a little different from the other events I will mention. The actual occupiers were, in my opinion, either buffoons (or “useful idiots” if that’s your preference) or just bad people in general. I won’t go into specifics here as to who I believe fits into which category. But the overall message was different. Instead of a pure, “Big Gubmint is Bad” message, which was definitely on display, make no mistake, there was also the underlying message lost in the big media reports.

The media was happy to explain that turning over Federal lands to the states would lead to a sell-off of much of that land to private companies. This would be disastrous to the environment, as increased mining, drilling, and ranching would be the most likely result.

The media also ignored the sell-off that was, and had already, taken place. The uranium mining rights had been slowly parceled off to a Canadian mining company that would come to be called Uranium One. To make matters more interesting, while these sales were occurring, Russian energy giant Rosatom was investing in Uranium One. When it was over, Pravda announced “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.” Russia now controlled one-fifth of all US uranium deposits.

But that’s another story as well… let’s get back to today.

Over the past two years we have seen a change in strategy from what used to be considered fringe elements of the “right-wing.” A new breed has arisen that hides behind comedy, internet punditry, and even sexual preference to disguise and protect their messages of division.

Loud voices have long dominated right-leaning media. Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, even the late Morton Downey, Jr., are all well-known examples. While attempting to claim otherwise, Alex Jones and his cadre have become darlings of the right.

Milo Yiannopoulos

This guy has mastered the public troll. He has gotten to the point where he literally does not have to say a word to cause an uprising. Merely scheduling an appearance is enough to create a pop-up protest anywhere in the nation. And that has become an important weapon in the arsenal of those who would spread this “radical” message.

Event, after event, after event, after event, a book, and event were cancelled for “security concerns,” because of violence or overwhelming protests, or because of his statements condoning sex with minors. Even Breitbart eventually cut ties.

But the message resonates with his audience. Milo is controversial and it scares people. That makes him an anti-hero, and gains him more followers.

In February things hit their apex when Milo was scheduled to appear at UC Berkeley. His event was opposed by the California-based militant group known as “The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary” a/k/a BAMN (“By Any Means Necessary”).

Now in case someone wants to accuse me of using loaded words like “militant” to describe BAMN, let an organizer explain:

At the February event, thousands arrived and chaos ensued. Fires were set, property damage was extensive, and rocks were thrown at police. Some decried the loss of free speech, pointing out that the most vile speech is usually the speech that needs the Constitution to protect it. Some decried the “violence of the left,” failing to discriminate between sign-carrying, song-singing marchers and avowed militants. And some criticized the police, and their relative inaction:

Berkeley Police Criticized For ‘Hands-Off’ Approach To Violent Demonstrators

Sound familiar?

While this new breed of self-promoters have been out seeding their message, another group has been quietly growing, and quietly growing concerned.

A series of events over the past few years has brought the so-called “Confederate Flag” back into controversy. After Dylan Storm Roof made headlines in June 2015, the flag become a focal point. Nikki Haley famously signed an order to remove the flag from state property, and Bree Newsome climbed a flag pole to cement the victory.

But not all were convinced.

Others were downright angry, taking to the internet to express their displeasure via YouTube, blog posts, website forums, and platforms like reddit. Suddenly the famous and deride Ku Klux Klan arrived back on the scene with a protest in support of the flag.

In the aftermath of Ferguson we watched the rise of the group calling themselves Black Lives Matter. Somewhat less well publicized was the resurgence of the New Black Panther Party. Alt-right media noticed, and soon too did the newswires. Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labels the NBPP a “virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.”

So here we are, in 2017, faced with the ghosts of the past in the form of the Klan and the Black Panthers. While each of these groups is but a pale shadow of their “glory days,” they casts wonderfully terrifying shadows. Or in the modern parlance, they are great avatars.

With the turbulent past of the nation on display again, we can at least rest easy knowing that while someone decided bringing back the Klan and the Panthers was a good idea, at least the crazies like the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Weather Underground aren’t coming back.

Welcome to Antifa

While the concept of antifa (“anti-fascist”) is not new, it is unfamiliar to most Americans. Largely the term fascism finds little purchase in US dialogue. In the run-up to the 2016 election and after, the word has seen a resurgence, though it is frequently misused.

Inauguration Day 2017 was used as an introduction. Suddenly the US was seeing things the way much of the rest of the world does.

Protests and marches in Washington DC are commonplace. Dr. King famously packed the city. The Million Man March did again. Since then, many hundreds of rallies, protests, and marches have filled the National Mall, surrounded the White House, even shut down roads and streets. In almost every instance, Capitol and DC Police are prepared and maintain control of the situation. They block streets in advance on planned march routes and direct traffic. They show up early, maintain visibility, and largely stay out of the way. I have participated in many such rallies and marches in DC. It’s actually quite dull, for the most part.

Typically these events are mostly good for networking and learning about some new issues. The media ignores or glosses over the gatherings, and nothing ever comes of them.

January 20, 2017 started in much the same way. Much of the country was expressing concerns while trying to come to grips with the fact that what had started as a joke of a campaign had ended in the election of Donald Trump. Many saw him as a trust fund baby, serial husband with bad hair and skin tone, and a master of incomprehensible speech. Others saw him as a breath of fresh air, and a political outsider. But no one really knew what to expect.

The day began as usual… a bunch of folks arrived with their fanny packs, sunglasses, and water bottles. Some brought signs, some brought extra food, some brought liquid-antacid-and-water (LAW), just in case.

The marches began…. the chants rang out. Trump would be President. Some folks would be unhappy about that.

Almost without warning, that all changed…

Out of nowhere a group appeared en masse, all wearing black and using balaclavas to cover their faces. They smashed windows, burned trash cans and cars, and hurled rocks and more at the police that finally arrived.

Despite the violence, the group was soon “kettled” and arrested.

While the actual violence and disruption was short-lived, the ramifications continue. Suddenly parts of the media were calling out the “left” as mindless and violent.

When police are accused of bad behavior, we hear it’s a “few bad apples.” When the abuse at Abu Ghraib was revealed, we were assured this was not representative of the US military. So isn’t this just a small group?

Yes… and no.

One, there are only a few who engage in such over-the-line behaviors. The attacks are meant to serve as symbols of “smashing the power elite,” and have been somewhat effective in the past. Starbucks has changed its mantras over the years after spending much of the Nineties as a symbol of “corporate evil.”

But, two, and more importantly, this is not a “group” per se. What occurred in DC was what is known as a “black bloc.”

Black bloc (no “K’), is a tactic that revolves around quick hitting violence under the cover of darkness or while incognito. While this tactic tends to appear near left-leaning protests, they are not typical of, nor supported by the vast majority of movements and organizations.

The first “black bloc” efforts started in West Germany in 1977 as a reaction to increased use of police force. When Ronald Reagan visited the Berlin Wall, there were black bloc actions. At May Day events around the world, there have been black bloc actions. in Greece, Macedonia, Brazil, Egypt, and many other places have seen the same.

Black bloc first appeared in the US in Seattle in 1999, where the aforementioned Starbucks was among those targeted. The tactic seems to appear around various “color revolutions” across the globe, even causing some to try to build a link between black bloc and George Soros’ “Open Society Foundations.”

For more info, even the now infamous Stratfor has done a piece on black bloc tactics.

It must be noted, however, that the movements of the “left” have disavowed the tactic.

“The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement.”

– Chris Hedges, Occupy’s ‘Black Bloc’ is ‘serving’ the 1 percent

“Unite the Right” Rally, August 2017

So finally we come back to the present, and what did, and did not happen over the past week. As I started this piece, I said the “chatter” had been different. It was different enough that I felt the need to preface the event with an article last Friday morning.

Most events of this type are largely ignored by the media. Smaller papers and sites cover them, of course, and many watch livestreams during the events. But all last week, warnings were being raised by SPLC, the ADL, and local media.

AirBnB made waves when they cancelled the reservations of attendees. The City of Charlottesville even tried to move the event, claiming the crowds would be too large for Emancipation Park (formerly Lee Park). Jason Kessler and others argued that Emancipation Park was key to their First Amendment right to expression as it contained the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee that ostensibly led to the event being scheduled.

They were joined in the call by the Rutherford Institute and the ACLU of Virginia. In an emergency hearing, a Federal judge overruled the City and granted an injunction.

Now we had gone from a flag, to statues, to expression of free speech. This was growing into a larger issue.

So now all was well, the rally was scheduled to start at Noon local time and two counter rallies were granted permits in other areas of the city. The University of Virginia also had alternate events planned.

Hunter Wallace tweeted on Friday about getting a few hours sleep before hitting Charlottesville “around 5 or 6.” Only one media outlet covered it, and I can’t even find that story now.

The crowds started to swell throughout the day, and shouting as well as some pushing and shoving were witnessed. Logic seemed to be lacking from many discussions, however.

Things really got interesting when the “unexpected” torch rally occurred on the campus of the University of Virginia, of which Richard Spencer is an alumnus. Clearly the event had been well-planned, despite not being advertised. Even drone footage was captured and quickly edited and produced. Nearly militaristic in its precision, hundreds of well-dressed white men marched bearing tiki torches and briefly took over a building while chanting, “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us.”

Upon reaching the Rotunda and the statue of Thomas Jefferson, they found a group already emplaced around the statue. How this organized group was able to react so quickly is interesting.

At this point, the event was declared “unlawful” and the torch bearers snuffed their flames and swiftly vanished leaving riot police to engage counter-protesters and media.

So the stage was set for Saturday at noon.

The secondary events began earlier, with church services and a clergy-led march through the city. Smaller parks had events with food and music.

When the Unite the Right participants began to arrive at Lee Park, they found “counter-protesters” already in the park. This quickly led to a standoff, words were exchanged, and soon violence was erupting. Reports covered the spectrum. Bottles of urine, bags of feces, and bottles and cans filled with cement were reported. A variety of chemical sprays were also reported with one photo even showing an aerosol can being used as a makeshift flamethrower.

While all this was occurring, the police stood by and watched. Reports since then have circulated that law enforcement had either not been given orders to react, or even had been told to “stand down.”

The National Guard remained on “stand by.”

Around 11:00am the City of Charlottesville declared a state of emergency, citing an “imminent threat of civil disturbance, unrest, potential injury to persons, and destruction of public and personal property.” About an hour later the Commonwealth of Virgina would do the same.

At 11:36am a lone officer with a bullhorn arrived at the chaos and began shouting that the gathering had been declared unlawful, a full 24 minutes before the official start time. Still no police arrived to enforce the order.

Eventually lines of police dressed in “riot gear” appeared on scene. While one unit moved forward pushing antifas who were mixed in with media and clergy out of Emancipation Park, a second line stood fast while the white nationalist group pushed at the line. No amount of struggle seemed to get a reaction from the police. This picture almost seems to be a photo op.

Events took a tragic turn around 1:45pm local time. After everyone had been moved from Emancipation Park, the main rally had attempted to move toward McIntyre Park, the location the City had chosen, but that a Federal judge had over-ruled.

As a result, several groups were wandering around the area, attempting to regroup in order to engage in whatever activities each had planned. Near the intersection of 4th and Water in the city, a group of left-wing protesters was attempting to gather to head for the park. No police were on scene, and the streets were not blocked.

Suddenly, a dark colored Dodge Challenger sped down the street striking several people and crashing into a stopped vehicle. One person was thrown over the leading cars, some were run down. A group of stick-wielding folks began attacking the car, which proceeded to back up quickly, again striking several people. At least 9 were injured in the attack, with one fatality, Heather Heyer, a local paralegal.

The vehicle sped off, but was soon pulled over, and the driver arrested.

The main details are fairly well known, so I won’t bother going into them. I also am not going to analyze the motives of the driver, or whether the car was hacked.

What I am interested in is the timing and location of the attack, as well as the witnesses.

The location sits next to the seemingly quite large Water Street parking garage, and is close to the Downtown Mall. Emancipation Park is several blocks away, and McIntyre Park even further beyond that. I am not exactly sure why so many livestreamers headed that way at that time. At least 3, maybe 4 different street cameras caught the car smashing into people.

A few minutes before, Jon Zeigler was livestreaming someone attempting to get a drone launched, in order to film the crowds. The person was not successful, and said that sometimes when police helicopters are in the area, drones won’t launch. I cannot find any such evidence, but law enforcement has expressed concern over the safety of non-official drones, and jamming a signal is not complicated, so it’s possible he was correct. He packed up his drone and began walking away.

However, drone footage of the crash DOES exist, though at this point I have not determined who owned the equipment. So if jamming was in effect, this drone was immune.

While Zeigler and a few others were in the main crowd when the car barreled into the crowd, one camera was further up the street and conveniently caught the details of the incident. Thankfully, this citizen was perfectly placed to capture the approach of the vehicle, the license plate on the back, and the reversal and attempted escape. By virtue of his fortuitous timing, the person behind the camera quickly became a prime witness. His account was so poignant he was even asked to write a piece for Politico about what he saw and the dangers associated.

Introducing Brennan Gilmore

Brennan Gilmore was the person so well-placed before the event. A musician who also just happens to be a former employee of the State Department.

Yes, you heard that right.

Brennan Gilmore, a 38-year-old Charlottesville resident who came Saturday to oppose the white nationalists, was filming his friends demonstrating three blocks away from the park when he noticed a gray car drive past.

Mr. Gilmore turned his camera in time to see the car slow as it approached the counterprotesters and then suddenly speed up, ramming into the car in front of it and the crowd itself.

“Bodies went flying — up onto the hood of the car and into the air,” Mr. Gilmore said. “It was horrifying.”

Mr. Gilmore continued filming as the gray car backed up quickly to escape the scene. After the car left, Mr. Gilmore ran over to help provide first aid to some of the injured.

“The violence and hatred in our society is out of control. We like to think that it’s better than places like Africa and Asia, but it’s not,” said Mr. Gilmore, who worked in Africa as a U.S. State Department foreign service officer before leaving to manage the campaign of Tom Perriello for Virginia governor earlier this year. “I’m worried.”

The above comes from a New York Times article published on Saturday. When the 5:25 pm revision came out, this information had been stripped from the article.

While many of us struggled to dig up information on Mr. Gilmore, his employment was slowly being stripped from the internet as well. Mr. Gilmore had a LinkedIn profile, which I did not save, that is also now deleted.

Scott Creighton had found some information on the US embassy website:

Brennan M. Gilmore | Embassy of the United States Bangui, CAR

Prior to this, Mr. Gilmore served as the Special Assistant for Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Issues in the Bureau of African Affairs, coordinating the development …

But that link now goes to a 404 page. In fact all US Embassy pages that still maintain Google links come up empty, but digging through the metadata references are still there.


It doesn’t stop there.

If one enters his name into the Wikileaks archives, we get results too.

Some are about bringing music to Africa. The rest are not.

So we now know Mr. Gilmore was somehow involved in the re-settling of Sudanese refugees, at the least. We can only speculate whether Mr. Gilmore was also involved in the de-stabilization efforts in which the US has engaged in Africa.

During 2015, Mr. Gilmore was a frequent visitor to the White House, accompanied by his host, Scott Duncan, according to Visitor Logs. Mr. Duncan is the Team Lead, Office of UN Political Affairs at U.S. Department of State, as per his LinkedIn.

So we have a former State Department employee who was stationed in the most dangerous parts of Africa where he helped to re-locate refugees.

What about Tom Perriello, the gubernatorial candidate for whom Mr. Gilmore worked?

Well it turns out that Mr. Perriello was well-funded, in part, by our old friend, Mr. George Soros.

“Democrat Tom Perriello’s fundraising haul of $2.2 million in the first three months of 2017, the highest among all candidates in Virginia’s governor’s race, was powered in part by several six-figure checks from outside the state, including $385,000 from billionaire investor George Soros and his sons and $200,000 from a New York-based nonprofit Perriello co-founded a decade ago.” – Richmond Times Dispatch

Yikes! That’s a red flag for sure.

So now we have a State Department guy, at least aware of de-stabilized communities working to elect a Governor supported by Soros in a state where racial tensions are threatening to divide our nation.

At least he doesn’t have any connections to the City of Charlottesville, right? I mean, if he were an ally of the Mayor, that would be bad, right?

Well…. he did donate $3,250 to Michael Signer’s failed campaign for Lt. Governor.


To sum up… This Event was Planned

It’s just all too obvious. The sides were large, organized, and seemingly well-funded. From the “clean cut” young white men carrying torches, to the heavily armed “light foot” militias that lined the streets, to the very visible symbols, including Third Reich swastikas next to “Confederate flags” and “Heil!” hand gestures on display, to the shield bearing Vanguard America, we saw all the things we hate most about “white supremacists.”

The “counter-protesters,” as the media insists on calling them all, were well-represented by stick-bearing and balaclava wearing activists and groups of IWW members with all the requisite Soviet-era communist symbolism in order to evoke the “Red Scare” among more conservative Americans.

Each of these groups seemed to work as a unit, and were rarely scattered like we see in most cities when civil unrest breaks out. Once the crowds were cleared by mid-afternoon, nothing ever bubbled up after, again not typical. We expect to see at least small roving bands after night falls.

The police and National Guard, while reportedly well-prepared for the large event, stood by and watched the events unfold until not one life was lost, but three, including two of their own.

At day’s end, all the Nazis had been “neutralized” as Baked Alaska and Christopher Cantwell were both reportedly sprayed with pepper spray, mace, or some other chemical agent, and Richard Spencer was detained, at least briefly. Otherwise, the Nazis all went away, and the City was left to mourn and pick up the pieces.

Since then, several “press conferences” have taken place. First was Jason Kessler’s attempt, where he was shouted down, attempted to “escape” through a flower bed, and was tackled by an “antifa,” an event captured by NBC News and set to dramatic music. After James Fields’ first hearing yesterday in a Charlottesville courtroom, Matthew Heimbach stood in the street wearing a t-shirt featuring founder of the Iron Guard, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. During his rant he blamed left-wing protesters for “attacking” Fields’ car and the police for allowing the violence. Later in the evening, Richard Spencer held a longer, more organized indoor event where he made it clear that while his group committed no violence they “could have killed the antifa with our bare hands.”

In the meantime America talks about “white supremacy” and Nazis as the corruption, quite appropriately. We talk about how wonderful it was that all the media outlets called out the violent alt-right and their gun-toting guards. We admire the bravery of elected officials who “rightly” called out the behavior and made it clear there is “no place in America” for this racism. President Donald J. Trump, ever the Distractor-in-Chief waded into the fray calling out violence “on all sides.” While the statement is accurate, it was also timed to elicit the desired reaction. Two days later, the President stood up and said what everyone “wanted” him to say, again right on cue. Now again, on Tuesday the President has again changed his message and has begun hinting that the media is not accurately portraying the “counter-protesters.” Again, Trump is right, and using his most effective weapon, the bully pulpit, to get the message out. Sadly, the President’s honesty will play right into the narrative, whether he intended it or not.

Expect a follow up on that soon.

What isn’t being shown on TV is that those “Nazis” haven’t gone anywhere, and their message has now been emboldened. The have spent the past few years attempting to convince disaffected white men that the system is letting them down, and that their voices are being silenced. The events of the past week will only serve to harden the resolve of the already-converted, and serve as evidence to those men currently “on-the-fence.”

In addition to possible new adherents to their cause, their fundraising has likely kicked into overdrive for the time being.

No doubt plans are being made for the next rally.

Meanwhile, yesterday protesters used a rope to pull down a Confederate monument in Durham, NC. One couldn’t help but be reminded of statues of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Iraq. The toppling of statues is a common guidepost in the timeline of any revolution, although we aren’t there yet.

So the organizers are now claiming non-violence and noting that many of them are “entertainers,” so should be expected to behave badly. We should all realize they meant nothing by it. They also, rightly, claim to be having difficulty expressing their right to free speech and peaceable gathering.

Some involved, however, have gone back to harsh words. Christopher Cantwell, after literally crying on his YouTube channel, blames the victim for her own death in Charlottesville.

Screenshot of Tweet, acct now suspended

Those of you who don't like being run over with cars should probably stop blocking traffic with violent communist rioters.

Posted by Christopher Cantwell on Monday, August 14, 2017

You know the female commies went home and masturbated thinking about us after we fucked their stick bundle boyfriends up…

Posted by Christopher Cantwell on Monday, August 14, 2017

EDIT: Ugh… well, now Cantwell’s FB has been suspended too and I cannot find screenshots of those posts. Suffice it to say they were brutal.

But in exchange, I can point you to the Wayback version of “The Daily Stormer” article that viciously attacked Heather Heyer, a woman who died in the attack.

Heather Heyer: Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut

Also, there is the VICE News piece that focused most heavily on Cantwell. In this video he shows off the ridiculous arsenal of weaponry he was supposedly carrying in Charlottesville.

“I’d say it was worth it. We knew that we were going to meet a lot of resistance, the fact that nobody on our side died, I’d go ahead and call that points for us. The fact that none of our people killed anyone unjustly, I think is a plus for us.” – Cantwell

He goes on to call the protesters struck by the speeding car “A bunch of stupid animals.”

He then calls Heyer’s death “More than justified.”

During the move from Lee Park to McIntyre Park in the video, Cantwell is asked if he sees his side as the non-violent side? His reply, “I’m not even saying we’re non-violent. I’m saying that we did not aggress. We did not initiate force against anybody. We’re not non-violent, we’ll fucking kill these people if we have to.”

What do we, especially those of us on “The Left,” do now?

America needs to come to a realization. The next few days we are going to be assured over and over that this behavior will not be tolerated. We will be reminded that our nation has come “a long way” from our dark days of chattel slavery and segregated schools. We will engage in peaceful rallies to ensure each other of our goodwill to all.

But most of all, we will be reminded that the folks responsible for organizing the event are not representative of white men, or conservatives, or the South. We will be told to rest assured that the hate speech comes from only a bare few and that their audiences are small.

Sadly, this is not the case. There is a much deeper vein of racial distrust in white America than many will admit to. More and more whites are realizing that their population dominance is coming to an end. Some are concerned about how the new nation will treat whites once they are a “minority.”

In the meantime, many non-whites are still wondering when they can expect to see real changes. People of color still see themselves being arrested for “failure to appear” concerning unpaid fines. They still experience unemployment rates vastly greater than the national average. They still realize that sometimes the color of their skin or hair may negatively influence the opinion of a lender, or a law enforcement official. And they still see their friends and neighbors die to violence at absolutely horrific rates. When police are involved in that violence, we never know where events will lead.

Add the vastly differing opinions of American on immigration, both legal and otherwise, and growing distrust of all things Muslim and you can plainly see the nation is ripe for division.

Americans are restive. They want change. They want a better life. Many want the America they were raised in and taught to believe in.

We all have different visions of what that America was, and is, and we need to realize that. What was “normal” for me and mine in my little part of the world does nothing to shed light on the experiences of others. While none of us is “wrong” when we paint our picture of America, but none of us is entirely “right” either.

These disparate internal views are used against us to keep us divided. As long as white folk distrust people of color, as long as “country folk” fear those who live in our cities, and as long as we fight over Democrat v. Republican or conservative v. liberal, we will not come together as one nation to solve the problems we all share.

Since many are happy with maintaining the status quo, and those ranks include all of our high-ranking elected officials, corporate execs, bankers, judges, and, yes, our military and police, we can expect to be divided again and again.

Events like what happened this past weekend will continue to happen unless we call them out in advance. We must let the proverbial “THEM” know that we are not blind, and that we see through their schemes.

In the short term, I suggest we focus on two things.

The first is that the term “self-radicalization” applies not only to would-be “Islamist terrorists” but to disaffected men and boys right here in the United States. After years of feminism gaining strength, after watching the small gains of the civil rights movements pass them by, and after watching the tsunami of gender-based issues that have emerged since the “gay marriage” debate seems to have settled, many men feel left out. Add to that the relative lack of work for which young men are most highly prized, that of physical and industrial labor, and you can see the trouble.

It is the promise of “Making America Great Again” that sold much of these folks on Donald Trump. To his credit, the President has seemed to focus on bringing manufacturing and mining back into vogue. The fact that those jobs are largely dangerous and don’t pay well seems to be lost on many. They hold a bucolic ideal of the “Fifties” with Dad going down to the mill while Mom baked pies and the kids played freely in the fields. What they are likely to get will probably less “Ozzie and Harriet” and more Saruman and his fighting Uruk-Hai. But you can’t tell that to a true believer.

Second is the vast agreement that the police need to become involved sooner to avoid the same outcome. This seems quite logical at first glance, but we must remember back to Ferguson, only 3 short years ago. What started the trouble in earnest there was the arrival of heavily militarized police. Suddenly Bearcats were rolling along American streets, and tear gas, banned as a weapon of war, was used against US citizens. Since then we have seen the “less lethal” weaponry change and evolve. Instead of just pepper spray, we have now seen “pepper balls,” which are paint balls filled with capsicum. We see LRADs placed at nearly every march. It got to the point where it seemed the police always showed up dressed for war.

America rightly recoiled from those images. We learned that the US was giving away military surplus to local law enforcement and we were mad! We screamed, and then President Obama ended the practice.

A few short weeks ago, President Trump sat in front of a room full of law enforcement and told them they could be less gentle, if they wanted. America cried out again, and many agencies called out the language. What was missed in the President’s comments was that the practice of handed out military surplus had been renewed and increased.

There will be another event that leads to violence. We know that. It’s possible that it will be at another “white nationalist” gathering or on a college campus as folks rail against “hate speech.” It’s also possible, if not likely, that the next event will take place after another unarmed citizen is shot by law enforcement. It’s also likely that the victim will be non-white. It’s also HIGHLY likely that no indictment will come.

If this happens, and protesters take to the streets wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts and chanting about racist systems and the violence of police, what happens if another agent provocateur throws rocks, or Molotov cocktails? Will police react swiftly? If they do, will it be more violent than we have seen in recent years?

If multiple deaths result from police engagement of a potentially unruly crowd, will we be able to say anything?

Think about it. We must be careful what we ask for.

The President called for a return to “law and order,” but keep in mind, the same phrase is uttered by the racists we claim to hate.

In the name of completeness, I now direct you to the start of this article. Bashing Nazis is easy, building an equitable society is not. Which task will you focus on?


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