By way of setting the scene for 2018, I wanted to throw together a quick piece generally outlining where things stand today.

I am marking this “Opinion,” as I don’t intend to fill this piece with supporting links. The purpose of this article is to set the stage for future articles, with this as a reference point.  There is so much happening, and it happens in context, which is difficult to express time after time. So I invite you to bear with me.


There is an ongoing “War in Heaven,” and nearly every event of importance is somehow tied to this struggle.

Some say it began in earnest with the death of David Rockefeller, but it had started even earlier, when it became clear that never-ending heart transplants had reached the end of their usefulness. Why do folks invoke Rockefeller? Let’s go back a bit further.

David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller

You know all that Illuminati stuff you see everywhere? There’s something to it all. As the Western cultures began moving more in unison, resources were fought over and divvied up. Some got the resources in the ground, some got manufacturing rights, and some even got to take control of national currencies.

You know the names:

  • Getty
  • Vanderbilt
  • Carnegie
  • Rothschild
  • Ford
  • Rockefeller
  • DuPont
  • Morgan
  • Mellon

There are more, but you get the picture. Additionally, the West still holds tightly to the tools of feudalism. Royal families, although abdicating much of their outward power, still retain the titles and lands of their ancestors. Knighthoods are still handed down. Fraternities and sororities use ancient political constructs as a framework for their elite societies.

As such, many old families who didn’t place their names firmly on history still maintain enough power and influence to remain players to this day. The entire thing reads like a Shakespearean Magnum Opus.

Power struggles are commonplace and expected. We see the results in the news media as scandals and mysterious or untimely deaths. We don’t usually see them at the highest levels.

JFK Assassination - Dallas
JFK Assassination – Dallas

The assassination of John Kennedy is the most memorable example of a “War in Heaven” today. Even with the release of the vast majority of what will be released concerning the investigations, we still lack definitive answers, but I think it’s fair to say that very few remain convinced of the “Lone Gunman” theory.

Nixon Resigns - New York Times
Nixon Resigns – New York Times

The next best remembered event was the resignation of Richard Nixon. I don’t have to remind you how tumultuous the country was then. Assassinations of power figures had almost become commonplace. Students had been killed by the National Guard while protesting. The war was tearing apart families either through death in combat or emotional fights over the validity of the war and the active draft system. Whole cities went under martial law due to unrest over civil rights, sometimes staying under military control for years.

In short, no one had control of the situation. But a coalition had been forming, including many upstarts and a few older families.

After Agnew was forced out, Gerald Ford was ready to be the place holder to get the whole thing started, taking his place as Vice President. Not long after, Nixon steps down, and, without a single vote being cast for the man outside of Michigan, a construct known as Gerald R. Ford, Jr. became President of the United States. Just like Bill Clinton, nearly 20 years later, Gerald Ford was not born with that name. He was born Leslie Lynch King Jr. and was never even formally adopted by his mother’s new husband and it would be 19 more years before he would even legally change his name to Ford.

Side Note: Ford served on the Warren Commission.

With this act, the nation now fell under the control of those we now call “Neo-Liberals” or “Neo-Conservatives,” apparently depending on what political party they “side” with.

Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger

A cabal including, among others, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill and Hillary “Clinton,” George HW Bush were now pulling the strings wherever possible. Two years later, the Supreme Court rules on Buckley v Valeo and asserts that money in the form of politcal donations equals speech and is therefore protected by the First Amendment. This essentially eviscerated the ability of regulators to prevent the outward purchasing of political office by those with large checkbooks. The newly-minted “Powers That Be” had handed their wealthy benefactors exactly what they wanted, control of the political machine.

What follows is the absolute dismantling of the American middle class. Inflation and the “energy crisis” put all Americans on edge and they were ready for a change, they just needed a scapegoat.

In 1979, Iran finally overthrows the US-backed puppet dictator, Reza Pahlavi (The “Shah of Iran”), but a tense standoff breaks out, riveting American attention for 444 days. The current US President, apparently not a True Believer of the new regime, was pushed aside and Ronald (“Ronnie Rayguns”) Reagan became the unlikely POTUS. George HW Bush had thrown his hat in, but not everyone in the regime was convinced. Lee Atwater engineered the installation of the freshly-turned GOP superstar and former Hollwood hunk.

Iran - 1979 - Khomeni Banner
Iran – 1979

Reagan did what was asked of him by his handlers, even going so far as to fire the nation’s air traffic controllers in the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” in the war on the American working class. Supply-side economics, a utopian ideal dreamed up by Milton Friedman and the Chicago School began to be implemented in the United States, after whole South American nations were overthrown in order to test the theories in full outside of the US. Even though the populations of those test nations were slaughtered by the millions, the project moved on to the States. The concept was so widely derided that even George HW Bush called it “voodoo economics.”

All has run fairly “smoothly” since then.

Former CIA and GOP head, George HW Bush was reward for his service with a turn at the helm. Unexciting as it was, it seemed the expected reward. Then we were given the person known as William Jefferson Clinton (born Blythe). The Clintons had been involved in so much of the dirty work for so many years that Bill was given this title as thanks.

Under the Clintons, we were given NAFTA, which further weakened the American middle class by forcing them to compete with workers in other nations for jobs. Soon after, the FTAA and others increased the reach, while the WTO and World Bank consolidated resources from around the world.

Battle in Seattle
Battle in Seattle

By the end of the Nineties, American unrest in some circles was reaching fever pitch again. The “Battle in Seattle” marked a high point, when labor unions and environmentalists teamed up and took to the streets in such a mass that Bill Clinton couldn’t even get from his plane to the WTO meeting.

Around this time, the Project for the New American Century, was formulating and publishing its manifesto. Oddly enough, a few short years later, PNAC got what they had written about, in the form of the 9/11 Attacks.

Side note: The 2000 Presidential Election was an interesting point in time, but at the end of it all, changed little that wouldn’t have already changed, with the possible exception of the damage done to the reputation of Ralph Nader.

After the Clintons time in the spotlight, the White House got back to what it was meant to be under the new regime. George W Bush was almost entirely uninvolved with policy or governing in any way. Barack Obama was a wonderful spokesperson for the cause while also leaving much of the actual work to Hillary Clinton and her friends.

In the meantime, we have had several economic “bubbles” that have popped, each time leaving the poor and middle classes losing more than those higher on the wealth ladder and gaining less on the way back up. We have had ever-decreasing government financial investment in the economy, hearing instead that the “national debt” is too high, while military spending continues to skyrocket.

The US military is engaged in combat in more nations than ever before and for a while it seemed war with Russia was almost inevitable.

But the death of Rockefeller and then of Brzezinski has left a gap at the top of the regime.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Yes, Hillary Clinton was supposed to get her reward, that was the plan all along. But as the power vacuum began to form, alliances frayed as many saw their chance to make a move.

The Sanders candidacy was an annoyance, as it gave many disaffected Americans someplace to express their anguish. But Sanders has never been a “player” in the game, and was mostly fueled by his enthusiastic followers. Once the candidacy itself was ended, many of his supporters were happily reabsorbed into the “I’m with Her” camp. Of course, the unexpected rise of Donald Trump served to galvanize those connections.

Sanders meme
Sanders meme

Naturally, Mr. Trump was the big story here. His candidacy, which clearly began as a farce, soon gave rise to a plan. The larger-than-life celebrity was the perfect Trojan Horse. As uninterested in politics as George W Bush, he wouldn’t be a hindrance to those wanting to take power on his coattails. Or so they thought.

Pres. Donald Trump
Pres. Donald Trump

Without going in depth into the controversial topics of the election, I will say that I never believed the Trump presidency to last more than a few days. I fully expected him to step down and turn the reigns over to Mike Pence.

You see, Mike Pence is the leader some want. He is ultra-conservative, devoutly Christian, and seemingly despises unions and all things Communist.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence pauses while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, Feb. 27, 2015 in National Harbor, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence pauses while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, Feb. 27, 2015 in National Harbor, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

But a quick look at the original slate of appointments shows clearly which groups thought they had won control. A never ending list of corporate heads were paraded out, even including the CEO of Hardee’s, which prompted instant comparisons to the film, “Idiocracy.”

Brought to you by Carl's Jr
Brought to you by Carl’s Jr

Add to that Wall Street mix, the magnified crazy of insane genius Steve Bannon, just plain (insert appropriate adjective as you see fit) Seb Gorka, the factually alternative Sean Spicer, and whatever Kelly Ann Conway is supposed to be and you can see that there was no way that White House was going to be able to function.

With alliances now scattering on the “winning side,” the military began their slow-motion takeover of the executive branch, placing Generals in three key positions.

Where we stand today:

  • The military still holds solid control over certain parts of the civilian government.
  • Bannon has been kicked to the curb, and is fighting back
  • Gorka has been kicked to the curb
  • The FBI is no longer on Team Trump (not that the leadership ever was, but the rank-and-file FBI was tired of being the CIA and NSA’s little brother so took sides against Mrs. Clinton)
  • The Intelligence folks are fighting with the Justice Department folks over who gets first crack at just about everything and who should control the investigations
  • Trump and his cronies are still being investigated to see if he can finally be ousted, as he has seemingly overstayed his welcome
  • Clinton and her cronies are under investigation for a wide variety of things, from chemical weapons, to election fraud, to other things I won’t even mention here because the level of controversy is just too damn high.
  • There is a corporatized “Resistance” under way under the tutelage of David Brock and Peter Daou and others which includes the “Womens’ March” umbrella group, much of the “Black Lives Matter” group (again, the big names mostly, lots of good work in the splinter groups) and all the “I’m Still with Her” crowd, and now the industry takeover of the sexual abuse revelations that have finally been coming out.
  • There is a mass of alt-right folks combined with pro-Trumpers and some educated leftists that are part of a movement known by “The Storm is Coming,” a reference to President Trump’s “calm before the storm” statement a few months ago. It is web-based and similar to other “crowdsourced intelligence gathering” efforts like “Pizzagate” and the “Clinton Global Initiative/Awan Brotherhood” investigations, except this time it is “chan-centered” therefore meme-driven as a means of spreading their messages (“redpilling”).

2018 will see some interesting event chains. Already we have a reported failure of the secretive “Zuma” satellite, followed by an increase in the number of meteorite sightings and strikes and two separate false alarms marking ballistic missile attacks.

Two Koreas, One Olympic flag
Two Koreas, One Olympic flag

We have the Two Koreas talking and even symbolically combining forces ahead of the winter Olympics which will take place within rocket-launcher distance of the “demilitarized zone.” Meanwhile, the Greater Kurdistan Project is back on, with the US saying they will be mobilizing 30,000 allied troops to the Syrian-Turkish border. This all goes back to Condoleeza Rice’s concept for a new Middle East and has been recently re-supported by the “Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan.” The “White Helmets” have also sent out another “press release” claiming chemical attacks by Syrian forces.

A newly implemented tax system (more “supply-side” chicanery) will have many folks reveling in their short-term small gains while the new Fed Chairman is expected to raise rates quite quickly in the coming year. A case of “too little, too late,” it will send shockwaves through equities and bond markets. After having been sold the lie that debt is good, many Americans will suddenly find themselves on the wrong end of increased loan rates.

There is more fear in the making, I am sure. At this point, predicting that a “false flag” event will occur is bogus. We know they will continue to happen. Knowing where and when are much harder. But American cities and towns will be targets, of that we can be sure. The West Coast is already alarmed with the never-ending drum beat of the North Korean “nuclear threat,” and the East Coast has an approaching Russian naval “spy ship” coming just as the US Navy begins war games in the same waters.

Middle America is no safer. Churches and concerts are now on the table for MCEs. (Yeah, there’s an acronym for it. Mass Casualty Event.)

If political infighting among friends and family wasn’t enough, we are now scared of our neighbors. Any one could be a threat now. Most want to “take away my rights” while others “want to hurt me,” or so the viral messages seem to tell us.

We have massive societal rifts over sexual interactions conflated with real sexual abuse causing confusion and widespread disconnect from each other. This is clearly fomented by the various media interests.

We have the English language being shredded more each day, with new words joining the banned list and new buzzwords without meaning filling our lexicon. And don’t get me started on emojis as communication!

And now, on top of everything else, we have a Federal government shutdown in effect.

While this seems like typical partisan bickering over positions, in fact, neither the Childrens’ Health Insurance Program (CHIP), nor the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) are particularly divisive. There is more going on than they want to admit.

With the FISA memo that has become topic du jour lately, and the Mueller investigation spreading into the far reaches, now entangling the NRA, everyone is walking on eggshells.

So what can we expect in 2018.

First, Senate will get something figured out and get government open again. What happens in military circles while the rest of the government is sitting at home will be key. It’s obvious that plans are about to be set in motion concerning Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and, of course, Russia. Victoria Nuland has just taken over as CEO of the eerily named Center for a New American Security, but that’s another article. Suffice it to say, this is not likely to be a good turn of events.

Second, February will likely bring some tensions around the Winter Olympics. I can only imagine what security will be like, so near the DMZ, but I expect some controversy. Bear in mind that Russia won’t be represented either, with some Russian athletes competing under the Olympic banner.

Third, expect the cryptocurrency market to take center stage in early 2018. Needed regulations are coming, and that will increase the volatility that currently rules the markets. While “crypto” hasn’t taken its place as common currency yet, the investment vehicles will attract more attention, and therefore, more institutional money. The media continues to call out the markets every time they fall, while ignoring the rises.

April is one of the months where we frequently see the first stirrings of civil unrest, as temperatures begin to warm and more folks go outside, so look for an event then to touch off something.

Unless summer brings an event to upend it all, it seems as if the plan is for Democrats to regain control of the US Senate, and possibly the House as well, with many Republicans stepping down to avoid taking losses. They can pivot to the private sector and ride out the changes.

Otherwise, expect 2018 to be more chaotic than usual, and that is saying something.

We may well see a victor emerge soon, and that will change everything.

So now I invite you to let me know what you think. Tell me where I’m wrong. Tell me what I am missing. I certainly don’t have all the answers, and am aware of only some of the questions.


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